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Pipe extrusion line
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Application:Hydraulic Cylinder Actuator Hydraulic Cylinder Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder, drainage, cable protection ,etc


Equipped with conical twin screw extruder or parallel twin screw extruder, adopt Optimized spider die with chrome-plating, ensure the melt plasticization homogenous and distribution uniform.

Equipped Stainless steel Vacuum calibration sleeve with water lubrication ring, twin-chamber vacuum tank with spraying cooling and semicircular Nylon support, to ensure fast calibration, increase the production capacity and lower the operation. These designs are especially good for big diameter pipe production and high speed production.

All of vacuum tank and water cooling tank is made from stainless steel, dual water supply pipe line with filtration system, water level and temperature control system and optimized positioning of the bayonet-type spray nozzles.

The twin or multi caterpillar haul-off unit is equipped with high quality rubber block, accuracy driving and control system ensure the speed stable and running reliable.

Accurate non-scrap cutting machine (less than 110mm) and planetary cutting machine ensure the cutting section smooth and uniform.

It can make the socket online if to equipped with automatic belling machine


PVC pipe extrusion machinery




Model Diameter(mm) Max Output(KG/H) Max Production Speed(M/MIN) INSTALLED POWER(KVA)
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-63 16-63 120 15 60
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-63-II 16-63 250 15 90
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-110 40-110 120 15 70
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-160 50-160 250 8 90
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-250 75-250 250 8 90
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-250-I 75-250 450 8 130
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-450 110-450 450 4 160
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-630 250-630 700 2 210
ET-Slant Board Adjustable Board Stretch Slantboard-800 315-800 900 1 260


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